France workshops 2017 part 1


Photo by: Emmanuelle Nouzille

Part 1 – Paris – Poster for tomorrow 

A year ago I was invited as part of the International design workshops held at École Intuit Lab. During 1 week at the end of January my students worked on designing a poster for the best social project in the world: Poster for Tomorrow’s 2017 – Freedom of Movement.

Getting from Melbourne to Paris took almost 36 hours but it was worth every minute. A very intense week in which I met amazing people, drank a lot of coffee —and wine—, ate an insane amount of croissants and cheeses; but most important of all  enjoyed and learnt from working with a multicultural class made of super enthusiastic students from France, China and India, all willing to share their ideas, thoughts and process.

It was also great meeting other guests, starting new friendships and re-encountering with old friends: Ginette Caron from Canada, Eduardo Aires from Portugal, Benito Cabañas from Mexico, Minal Nairi from India, Yiwang Li from China and my great french friends Michel Olivier and Hervé Matine.


The final results of the workshop are shown below. A wide variety of concepts, graphic solutions and points of view on a very relevant world issue nowadays: freedom, migration, asylum seekers and the peaking refugee crisis. Designed briefly after Trump´s travel ban was announced it encouraged very interesting ideas and discussions in the classroom.

(Note to students: if I’m missing any poster please let me know!)  


The exhibitions and competition catalogue published at the end of 2017 feature 3 of the student´s posters  among the top 100 winners, while another one made it to the top 300 shortlist. Congratulations to everyone for the hard work!


In this video you can listen to some of the student´s experiences, and from 1:45 look at our workshop and what seems like I´m teaching Tai-chi instead of design.

Thanks to École Intuit Lab, Michel and Patrick for the opportunity.  Emmanuelle, Lucy, Angèle and all the staff . But mostly to the students for your passion and energy. It was a beautiful experience and one of the best in my career as a graphic design teacher 🙂

Merci beaucoup Paris, a la prochainé ! Next stop: Aix-en-Provence



Fête de la musique 2015 – París


Tuvimos la suerte de estar en París durante la Fiesta de la música 2015 (Fête de la musique). Nuestra gran anfitriona Jane Mazué nos llevó al jardín del palacio real al increíble concierto del talentoso Ibrahim Maalouf donde pude sacar algunas fotos entre la multitud.

Por la noche nos encontramos con JesuCristo Mazué y disfrutamos de la presentación de Banda de Rolé que puso a bailar a todos en plena calle del 4o distrito.

We were lucky to be in Paris during the past Fête de la musique (party of the music). Our great host Jane Mazué took us to the royal palace gardens to an amazing concert by the talented Ibrahim Maalouf where I managed to take some shots between the crowd.

Later that night we joined JesusChrist Mazué to enjoy the show of Banda de Rolé which set everyone dancing in the streets of the 4th district.