Creativity workshop 2019

Come and join me at Incube8r to play, doodle, design, re-think, remix, invent, debate, fix, steal, find, weirdify (wait…is that a word?), conquer the world, cook, destroy, learn and hopefully laugh in the process.

This poster was made with spaghetti

During each session we will explore a topic related to creativity and work on a project. It could be a print, a t-shirt design, a song, a cartoon character, a poster, a collage, an animation, a video, a poem, a manifesto, the next most viewed Ted Talk ®, a product, a game, a new invention that will save the world from doomsday, all of the previous or none at all. Enrol and find out!

  • Duration: 6 sessions 12-3pm
  • When: Saturday June 8th to July 13th
  • Where: Incube8r Prahran 116 Greville Street (A few mins. from Prahran train station)
  • Materials: A3 Sketchpad, black Sharpie.
  • Optional: Printing costs of some of the class projects (T-shirts, posters, etc)
  • Cost: Early bird $400aud (before May 8th), Regular $500aud
  • A minimum of 4 students is required ro run the workshop.

Register via email and send payment trough Paypal. Account:

About me: Mexican designer. Passionate about posters. I love to work in projects related to music, culture, environment, science, education and social issues. I live in Melbourne with Claudia (homo sapiens) and Kimiko & Cubeta (Felis Catus). We enjoy eating pizzas and watching cartoons.

My job at Stile Education is creating graphics that deliver an antidote to boring, irrelevant science teaching resources. I also teach and lecture at at RMIT University. My spare time is dedicated to coordinating the environmental poster competition Segunda llamada. On the spare time of the spare time I’ll try to draw Claudia, Kimiko & Cubeta while they sleep, and live a creative life.



Lazarus Mode at Cherry Bar


Photo gallery of Lazarus Mode “The darkest sun” album lunch at Cherry Bar, Melbourne. Plus guests Sonic Circus and Ragdoll.

Shot for 27 music arts media All photos ©Gus Morainslie


Paul Dempsey at The Corner


Photo gallery of Paul Dempsey at The Corner Hotel, Melbourne. Friday September 2, 2016. Presenting his new album Strange Loop.

Shot for What Sound Melbourne

Cherry Rock 2016


Photo gallery of Cherry Rock 2016 at legendary Cherry Bar – ACDC Lane, Melbourne on May 1st, 2016.Supersuckers (USA), Gay Paris (AUS), Richie Ramone (US), Kadavar (GER)

Huge thanks to Tiger Bartelt from Kadavar for getting me into the pit!



Supersuckers (USA)


Gay Paris (AUS)



Richie Ramone (USA)



Kadavar (GER)



The Murlocs at The Curtin


Photo gallery of The Murlocs (AUS) with support act Crepes (AUS) at The Curtin Hotel, Melbourne on April 9, 2016.

Shot for  WhatSound Melbourne.


Galería de fotos de The Murlocs (AUS) y Crepes (AUS) como abridores en The Corner Hotel, Melbourne el 9 de Abril de 2016.

Cobertura para WhatSound Melbourne.


The Bennies – The Corner Hotel


Photo gallery of The Bennies (AUS) with support act Off with their heads (US)at The Corner Hotel, Melbourne on April 1st, 2016.

Glad to be back on concert photography and to start collaborating with WhatSound Melbourne!


Galería de fotos de The Bennies (AUS) y Off with their heads (EU) como abridores en The Corner Hotel, Melbourne el 1 de Abril de 2016.

¡Muy feliz de estar de vuelta en la fotografía de conciertos y de comenzar a colaborar con WhatSound Melbourne!