Creativity workshop 2019

Come and join me at Incube8r to play, doodle, design, re-think, remix, invent, debate, fix, steal, find, weirdify (wait…is that a word?), conquer the world, cook, destroy, learn and hopefully laugh in the process.

This poster was made with spaghetti

During each session we will explore a topic related to creativity and work on a project. It could be a print, a t-shirt design, a song, a cartoon character, a poster, a collage, an animation, a video, a poem, a manifesto, the next most viewed Ted Talk ®, a product, a game, a new invention that will save the world from doomsday, all of the previous or none at all. Enrol and find out!

  • Duration: 6 sessions 12-3pm
  • When: Saturday June 8th to July 13th
  • Where: Incube8r Prahran 116 Greville Street (A few mins. from Prahran train station)
  • Materials: A3 Sketchpad, black Sharpie.
  • Optional: Printing costs of some of the class projects (T-shirts, posters, etc)
  • Cost: Early bird $400aud (before May 8th), Regular $500aud
  • A minimum of 4 students is required ro run the workshop.

Register via email and send payment trough Paypal. Account:

About me: Mexican designer. Passionate about posters. I love to work in projects related to music, culture, environment, science, education and social issues. I live in Melbourne with Claudia (homo sapiens) and Kimiko & Cubeta (Felis Catus). We enjoy eating pizzas and watching cartoons.

My job at Stile Education is creating graphics that deliver an antidote to boring, irrelevant science teaching resources. I also teach and lecture at at RMIT University. My spare time is dedicated to coordinating the environmental poster competition Segunda llamada. On the spare time of the spare time I’ll try to draw Claudia, Kimiko & Cubeta while they sleep, and live a creative life.



France workshops 2017 part 1


Photo by: Emmanuelle Nouzille

Part 1 – Paris – Poster for tomorrow 

A year ago I was invited as part of the International design workshops held at École Intuit Lab. During 1 week at the end of January my students worked on designing a poster for the best social project in the world: Poster for Tomorrow’s 2017 – Freedom of Movement.

Getting from Melbourne to Paris took almost 36 hours but it was worth every minute. A very intense week in which I met amazing people, drank a lot of coffee —and wine—, ate an insane amount of croissants and cheeses; but most important of all  enjoyed and learnt from working with a multicultural class made of super enthusiastic students from France, China and India, all willing to share their ideas, thoughts and process.

It was also great meeting other guests, starting new friendships and re-encountering with old friends: Ginette Caron from Canada, Eduardo Aires from Portugal, Benito Cabañas from Mexico, Minal Nairi from India, Yiwang Li from China and my great french friends Michel Olivier and Hervé Matine.


The final results of the workshop are shown below. A wide variety of concepts, graphic solutions and points of view on a very relevant world issue nowadays: freedom, migration, asylum seekers and the peaking refugee crisis. Designed briefly after Trump´s travel ban was announced it encouraged very interesting ideas and discussions in the classroom.

(Note to students: if I’m missing any poster please let me know!)  


The exhibitions and competition catalogue published at the end of 2017 feature 3 of the student´s posters  among the top 100 winners, while another one made it to the top 300 shortlist. Congratulations to everyone for the hard work!


In this video you can listen to some of the student´s experiences, and from 1:45 look at our workshop and what seems like I´m teaching Tai-chi instead of design.

Thanks to École Intuit Lab, Michel and Patrick for the opportunity.  Emmanuelle, Lucy, Angèle and all the staff . But mostly to the students for your passion and energy. It was a beautiful experience and one of the best in my career as a graphic design teacher 🙂

Merci beaucoup Paris, a la prochainé ! Next stop: Aix-en-Provence



Poster workshop – Story of Stuff


Last saturday February 6th, I had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with The Story of Stuff Project to teach the “Unbottle water” poster design workshop at Greenpeace Warehouse in Oakland (San Francisco Bay Area).

We started by watching some of the Story of Stuff movies relevant to the Bottle water problematique followed up by a short lecture on graphic design and social responsibility, brainstorming techniques, creativity exercises, poster design fundamentals, and discussion of each participants´ideas and sketches.

During the following weeks we will continue working online for further feedback and finished posters.

Huge thanks to Shana DeClercq at SOS for making this possible, Greenpeace Oakland Warehouse for hosting the event, and all the participants; it´s always a pleasure to meet new people with a passion for change!






BICeBé pt. 1 – Hace 2 años…


Sustentabilidad para niños y jóvenes / Sustainability for kids and teenagers

Hace unos días regresé de la BICeBé 2015 (Bienal Internacional del Cartel Bolivia); y como muchos de mis amigos ya estoy extrañando comenzar el día con una buena taza de mate de coca, pocas horas de sueño y demasiadas cosas por hacer en tan sólo 24 horas.

Pero antes de compartir todas las fotos y grandes historias y anécdotas de este año es necesario viajar un poco en el tiempo para comprender porqué BICeBé me emociona tanto.

A few days ago I came Back from BICeBé 2015 (Bolivia International Poster Biennial); and like many of my friends I´m already missing starting the day with a good cup of coca tea mate, not enough sleep hours and too many things to do in scarce 24 hours.

But before sharing this year´s photos and great stories it´s necessary to go back in time to understand why BICeBé gets me so excited.


Graphic Advocay – International posters for the digital age

En 2013 tuve la maravillosa oportunidad de viajar por primera vez a Bolivia y Perú. Además de cumplir el sueño de conocer lugares como Machu Picchu y el Salar de Uyuni la compañía no podía ser mejor: mi gran amor Clau y mi gran amigo de la vida y viajes Robert.

In 2013 I had the marvelous opportunity to travel for the first time to Bolivia and Peru. Besides fulfilling the dream of visiting places like Machu Picchu and the Uyuni Salar, my company couldn´t be any better: mi great love Claudia and my great friend of life and travels Robert.



Después de una semana de aventuras daba comienzo la fiesta del diseño; BICeBé 2013, Susana, Frank y Sergio me abrieron las puertas para poder dar mi primera conferencia de diseño internacional y un taller para el mejor público posible: niños y adolescentes trabajando desde temprana edad por la sustentabilidad.

After a week of adventures the design party started; BICeBé 2013, Susana, Frank and Sergio opened the doors and welcomed me to give my first international design conference and a workshop for the best possible audience: kids and teenagers working at an early age for sustainability.


Taller / Workshop – Refugio el Artillero

Diseño y responsabilidad social / Graphic design and social responsibility

Diseño y responsabilidad social / Graphic design and social responsibility

Y bueno, ¿qué mas?… comer pizza con Rene Wanner y escuchar la historia de Poster Page, encontrarnos repentinamente un desfile típico por las calles de La Paz, dibujar cadáveres exquisitos con grandes amigos y diseñadores de todo el mundo, presenciar la mejor exposición de cartel que he visto (Batory y Bouvet), encontrar botellas “escondidas” de Singani con Yomi y Ale, ser referee de un encuentro de lucha libre de Cholitas e incluso terminar luchando contra la leyenda local “Crash”.

Well, what else?… eating pizza with Rene Wanner while listening to the story of Poster Page, finding suddenly a typical parade on the streets of La Paz, drawing exquisite corpses with great friends and designers from all around the world, witnessing the best poster exhibition ever (Batory and Bouvet) finding “hidden” Singani bottles with Yomi and Ale, being a referee in a Wrestling Cholitas match, and even ending wrestling against local legend “Crash”.


Demasiadas historias en unos cuantos días; demasiadas nuevas amistades e ideas por realizarse. BICeBé me cambió: me enseñó que el viaje en el diseño apenas comenzaba y que debía irme preparando para encontrarnos de nuevo algún día. ¿Quizás en 2015?

Too many stories in such a few days; too many new friendships and new ideas to carry out. BICeBé changed me: it taught me that the design journey was just beginning and to get ready to meet again someday! Perhaps in 2015?

Salar de Uyuni

Salar de Uyuni



3a Semaña de Diseño – CECyT 2 IPN


El día de ayer fui invitado a la 3er semana de Diseño Gráfico en el CECyt 2 (Prepa Voca 2) del Instituto Politécnico Nacional. Durante 2 horas platiqué con los estudiantes especializados en diseño sobre carteles, Segunda llamada y cómo  lograr un cambio positivo en la sociedad a través de la imagen.

Muchas gracias a Gandhi Cancino por la invitación y a todas las personas asistentes; siempre es un gusto poder compartir mi trabajo con nuevas generaciones de jóvenes de grandes instituciones educativas de nuestro país.  🙂

Yesterday I was invited to the 3rd Graphic Design week at CeCyt 2 (Vocational High School 2) of the National Politechnic Institute (IPN). During 2 hours I chatted with students specialised in design about posters, Segunda llamada and how to achieve positive change in our society trough images.

Huge thanks to Gandhi Cancino for the invitation, and to all the assistants. It´s always a great pleasure to share with new generations of young people from one of the greatest schools in Mexico.