Voyager at The Evelyn Hotel


Voyager at The Evelyn Hotel, Melbourne.

Photo gallery of Voyager (Australia) plus guests The Algorithm (France). The Evelyn Hotel, Melbourne – May 12th, 2017.

Shot for 27 music arts media All photos ©Gus Morainslie


Lazarus Mode at Cherry Bar


Photo gallery of Lazarus Mode “The darkest sun” album lunch at Cherry Bar, Melbourne. Plus guests Sonic Circus and Ragdoll.

Shot for 27 music arts media All photos ©Gus Morainslie


Healesville Sanctuary photos


A sample of australian animals. Photos shot at the Healesville Sanctuary outside Melbourne during our friend Billie´s great 2nd birthday party! Thanks to Dale and Chrissy for the lift, lots of fun and good food.

Una muestra de animales australianos. Fotos tomadas en el Santuario de Healesville a las afueras de Melbourne durante el cumpleaños número 2 de nuestra amiga Billie. Gracias a Dale y Chrissy por la diversión, el raid y la comida.


And the birthday girl Billie! looking good in the wild. healesville1-27

Paul Dempsey at The Corner


Photo gallery of Paul Dempsey at The Corner Hotel, Melbourne. Friday September 2, 2016. Presenting his new album Strange Loop.

Shot for What Sound Melbourne

Cherry Rock 2016


Photo gallery of Cherry Rock 2016 at legendary Cherry Bar – ACDC Lane, Melbourne on May 1st, 2016.Supersuckers (USA), Gay Paris (AUS), Richie Ramone (US), Kadavar (GER)

Huge thanks to Tiger Bartelt from Kadavar for getting me into the pit!



Supersuckers (USA)


Gay Paris (AUS)



Richie Ramone (USA)



Kadavar (GER)



The Murlocs at The Curtin


Photo gallery of The Murlocs (AUS) with support act Crepes (AUS) at The Curtin Hotel, Melbourne on April 9, 2016.

Shot for  WhatSound Melbourne.


Galería de fotos de The Murlocs (AUS) y Crepes (AUS) como abridores en The Corner Hotel, Melbourne el 9 de Abril de 2016.

Cobertura para WhatSound Melbourne.