Gig-poster sale – donations for Mexico

Update: September 19

Mexico was hit again, now by a 7.1 earthquake in the city center, hours after the safety drills (The deadliest earthquake was this same date in 1985). More than 40 buildings collapsed. Deathtoll raises to 200 and right now (Wed 20, 10am, Melbourne time) people are still trapped and without electricity.


Last week Mexico was hit by an 8.2 magnitude earthquake —the strongest since 1932. Towns and communities in poor regions of Oaxaca, Tabasco and Chiapas were severely damaged and the death toll has raised to over 90 in the past days.  There is a lot of re-building needed. You can read more here via The Guardian 



The amazing Colectivo Mercadorama has donated silkscreen gig-posters by some of Mexico´s finest artists: Kraken, Smithe and Mike Sandoval. I am joining efforts with a few of my prints to be sold in Australia.

The money from the sales will be donated  to relief affected communities from the “Istmo” region  trough Francisco Toledo (legendary print-maker from Oaxaca, known for his constant work in community, environmental and political issues. Update: beside Oaxaca donations will be directed to other support channels, like Dona Kichink and communities in Jojutla trough friends and family.

If you want to purchase any of these prints, please contact me at 0412-794649 or; shipping available within Australia (not included)

If you don´t want prints you can also help with a direct donation, what buys here a coffee and lunch makes a huge difference in those communities where the minimum wage per day is less than $6 aud… So, you get the idea.

Thanks to all friends and family that have joined so far, We have reached $820aud

Bank details: Gustavo Morales, Account: 440224358, 193-879

All posters are hand-printed silkscreens from limited editions. 200g couche matte paper. Last but not least thanks to Ahmed Bautista for making this possible.








SOLD Digital print in Platina Canson paper. Inspired by “La lotería” track by Austin TV


Voyager at The Evelyn Hotel


Voyager at The Evelyn Hotel, Melbourne.

Photo gallery of Voyager (Australia) plus guests The Algorithm (France). The Evelyn Hotel, Melbourne – May 12th, 2017.

Shot for 27 music arts media All photos ©Gus Morainslie


Lazarus Mode at Cherry Bar


Photo gallery of Lazarus Mode “The darkest sun” album lunch at Cherry Bar, Melbourne. Plus guests Sonic Circus and Ragdoll.

Shot for 27 music arts media All photos ©Gus Morainslie


Healesville Sanctuary photos


A sample of australian animals. Photos shot at the Healesville Sanctuary outside Melbourne during our friend Billie´s great 2nd birthday party! Thanks to Dale and Chrissy for the lift, lots of fun and good food.

Una muestra de animales australianos. Fotos tomadas en el Santuario de Healesville a las afueras de Melbourne durante el cumpleaños número 2 de nuestra amiga Billie. Gracias a Dale y Chrissy por la diversión, el raid y la comida.


And the birthday girl Billie! looking good in the wild. healesville1-27

Paul Dempsey at The Corner


Photo gallery of Paul Dempsey at The Corner Hotel, Melbourne. Friday September 2, 2016. Presenting his new album Strange Loop.

Shot for What Sound Melbourne

Michael Phelps 28

Ilustración inspirada por Michael Phelps quien en los pasados juegos olímpicos de Rio 2016 se convirtió en el atleta con más medallas en la historia. 23 de Oro y 28 totales.

Quisiera tener un poco más de tiempo para dibujar a todos los increíbles atletas que vi las últimas 2 semanas.

PD No había posteado nada en meses pues he tenido trabajo para volverme loco; pronto compartiré todo lo que he tenido oportunidad de crear para Stile Education / Cosmos Lessons y Double Helix en Melbourne.

Illustration inspired by Michael Phelps, who on the past Olympic games at Rio, became the athlete with more medals in history. 23 gold and 28 total.

I wish I had more time to draw all the amazing athletes I saw during the last 2 weeks.

PS Hadn´t posted stuff in months because my crazy workload; soon I will be sharing all the work I´ve created for Stile Education / Cosmos Lessons and Double Helix in Melbourne.


Cherry Rock 2016


Photo gallery of Cherry Rock 2016 at legendary Cherry Bar – ACDC Lane, Melbourne on May 1st, 2016.Supersuckers (USA), Gay Paris (AUS), Richie Ramone (US), Kadavar (GER)

Huge thanks to Tiger Bartelt from Kadavar for getting me into the pit!



Supersuckers (USA)


Gay Paris (AUS)



Richie Ramone (USA)



Kadavar (GER)